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     LAST UPDATED:3rd February 2014.







                                   The Lucking Family Tree                           


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                            An introduction to

          Betty Weaver-Lucking

My dear wife Betty passed away on the 28th of April 2010 after a short illness. Don Lucking



I don`t like talking about myself - it always seems so egotistical so I will spare you boring

details. However, if you are interested enough to read my site you are entitled to some


I am a retired hotelier with a great love for animals. My interest in the theatre has involved

me in acting, producing and writing. I like comedy so if you do too, go to my Humour page

and enjoy.







 To my home and family


Our little rescued dachshunds Jake and Evie





On the computer 07     Our little Evie on the puter 07      Jake on the puter 07    Jake and Evie 09           



      Margaret Staging an Appearance.jpg (269731 bytes)              

Margaret after her "Ear Job".   Margaret "on stage"     Jake having a look round    Taking a nap


Jake and Evie our new dachsie rescues                   Evie                           Evie and Jake                  Evie relaxing                                                    

Copy of photo (1) Copy (6).jpg (139011 bytes)      Betty and the Boys.jpg (88459 bytes)                                 

Betty with her youngest granddaughter.    Betty and "The Boys".                              High tide Anglesey 

Copy (2) of photo (1).jpg (297839 bytes)             

Don with the family pets.                                                        Life goes on - Evie and Jake October 2004  "Babes in the Wood"                       

photo (1) Copy (3).jpg (128126 bytes)            Otto in his Prime.jpg (133680 bytes)       The Boys.jpg (329595 bytes)                       

The boys at  Anglesey Show.    Otto in his Prime.     The Boys as young dogs.        Sigi 11, Otto 10.


Off the lead.            Jake making friends.             Slumber              Woodland Patrol         Business as Usual




     Red Wharf Bay                     The Menai Straits                        Plas Newydd

sixinthesun.jpg (36116 bytes)           

"Six in the Sun"        Betty & Otto March`04    Betty, Evie and Jake Sept./Oct. `04    Jake November `04


Evie on the Computer        A Happy Christmas                  Phil, Evie and Jake               Does my bum look big in this?

December `04                     from  Evie and Jake                  Xmasday 2004                    Evie January 2005


Jake, February,05            Evie and Jake                      Doubledecker             Eviepoo   27/2/05          Sleeping Dogs 3/3/05

                               on Beach Patrol              Rescued Dachsies  Feb. 05


Jake and Evie enjoy the Spring sunshine 3/4/05                             Betty & Evie  17/4/05          Beach Pals 21/4/05


Jake and Evie enjoying some youthful company in early May 2005                         Evie June 2005            Guilty Jake June 2005


Evie and Dad June 05                           Evie on the webcam             Rolling in the sun                     Jake on the webcam



Jake and Griff June 2006   Evie  June 2006                  Evie on Top!                             At the computer                     On the telly


        Piggyback            Evie and Jake on the computer      Jake and co  Jan 08                     Jake  June `08               Evie on the telly  July`08


Smiling Jake




Evie is taken by surprise


Rainbows Bridge (Regenbogenbrücke).jpg (36372 bytes)                                                  

"Rainbow Bridge"


OVER RAINBOW BRIDGE (Dedicated to Wimpy of the "Six Pack"

and our beloved little Sigi who passed over on Monday the 17th March 2003

and our brave little Otto who joined his brother Sigi on Thursday the 16th April 2004


On the other side of Rainbow Bridge lies a land of warm spring weather

Where all the little dachsies who`ve gone to sleep forever

Live another life and play in happiness together.


They`re never cold, they`re never tired , they never feel pain,

And all the old and poorly ones are young and strong again,

And in their hearts the memory of our love will still remain.

Betty Weaver-Lucking.© 2003.                  BACK TO START


Thanks to all our valued friends at The Dachsie Bulletin Board, who

 supported us when little Sigi passed away so suddenly and unexpectedly.   

              Interested in dachshunds? Click this picture --->       Link to doogle  




Dachsie Days

                                                                                                                                                       I`m not very high, I`m not very tall

And though  I`m long I`m still quite small                                   

But my heart is big and my bark is loud

And I always get noticed in a crowd.

I walk down the street with my head held high

And listen to comments from passers-by,

They say, “Isn`t he gorgeous,” I know they mean me,

For goodness sake who else would it be?

When we get in the car I never know

In which direction we have to go,

Sometimes it`s the beach sometimes the shop

And wondering keeps me on the hop.

If we go a long way it`s a pretty safe bet

Our journey`s end will be at the vet.

He looks  in my eyes and peers at my toes,

Examines my teeth and stares up my nose,

He fetches a needle to give my injection

And although I know it`s for my protection

What I resent although it`s well  meant

The business is done without my consent,

But when I get home there`s always a treat

Like a nice paddywack or a doggie sweet.

My very best pal is a dog called Lotte,    

      romeo and juliet (aka-sigi and lotte) 07-02-03.jpg (142728 bytes)                                         Lotte misses Sigi now.

A funny old friendship `cos Lotte`s a Rottie,

I`m proud to be seen with a rottweiller

In more ways than one I look up to her.

Yes, life is great, my mommy is good

So I behave like a nice boy should,

At night I curl up like a turtle dove

And wake up each morning bursting with love.


Copyright: Betty Weaver Lucking 2002                    BACK TO START



The 10 doggie requests




1. My life - span is 10 - 12 years. Every time I am separated from you I suffer.

2. Give me time to understand what you want from me.

3. Build up my trust, I live for it.

4. Never be really angry with me. You have your friends – I only have you.

5. Speak to me often. Even when I only understand 60 words of English, your voice warms my heart.

6. I never forget anything you do.

7. If you hurt me I could bite you, but I never do because I love you.

8. When you think that I am lazy I could be ill.

9. Please care for me when I am old, you will also grow old.

10. Travel every difficult step with me. Never say: “I can`t face that”. Everything is easier with you.







   Philip                  Roger  (Deceased 2013)




  Meine Partner





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